Evie Smith

Founder / Lead Publicist

Evie is the founder of Rebellious PR & Consulting. After almost a decade working for traditional PR agencies, Evie was pretty sure she hated PR and was done making rich white CIS men, richer. After some soul searching she decided to give this whole PR thing one more shot, but on her terms. Rebellious was founded with the principles that the client-agency relationship would be a true partnership, the work would be thoughtful, the standards would be high and the overall approach to PR would be BS-free.

Rebellious PR has been going strong for almost three years under Evie’s thoughtful guidance. Prior to founding Rebellious, Evie worked at PR agencies in Portland and the Bay Area. She has worked with companies of every size – from Fortune 500 companies to edgy startups. There is nothing she can’t work her magic on. She has gotten clients coverage in just about every major publication from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Teen Vogue, Globe and Mail, The AV Club and much, much more.

Evie’s guiding principle is that everything starts and ends with the relationship. The relationship you have with your clients, the press, your team. At Rebellious Evie fosters safe, uplifting spaces for employees and do the dang work. She prides herself on having complete transparency and honesty with her team, clients and herself.

In her free time, Evie loves trying new things! From sports to food, and even new languages, she jumps in with both feet and a ton of optimism.

Rachel Johnston

VP / Account Director

Rachel loves to tell remarkable stories. Her work experience has spanned a number of industries, with the common thread of storytelling through marketing, communication, production, and efficient operations. She owes her industry flexibility to a love of people, ideas, experiences, and a willingness to change lanes and learn often.

Early in her career, she was deep in the first big waves of social media lifestyle integration, producing social media content and user experiences at live events — well before content was king, when it was barely courting the social channels of the internet. From there, she went on to manage event partnerships for live events broadcasts on ESPN2, ESPN3and Twitch, and has transformed the companies she’s worked at as a Director of Marketing & Communications with direct measurable growth.

Rachel is always ready to roll her sleeves up and get dirty with a project. She prides herself on quality of work, efficiency, content efficacy, and values transparent communicative working cultures. Most of her career has been developed at small companies, and she very much values working with small teams of versatile, resourceful, and independent thinkers. As an independent and creative thinker herself, she is a perfect fit for the Rebellious PR team. Her experience in marketing brings a unique perspective to Rebellious clients and she is enthusiastic to wake up and do good work every day for our clients.

In her free time, she has produced two award-winning feature-length documentaries, she roller skates nearly every day, and occasionally does stunt work for Film & TV in Hollywood.

Meghan Jones

Senior Account Manager / Social Media Manager

Meghan is a wearer of many hats. She has nearly 20 years of management experience at companies who produce creative events and content. She is a creative catalyst who loves being social, and has always had a knack for connecting people and sharing their stories. She considers herself a conduit between brand and consumer.

After nearly a decade turning the arts and entertainment world on its head in Austin, Texas, Meghan headed west to continue reaping and cultivating her sphere of influence in Los Angeles. Since moving to Los Angeles she has made a path for herself through her insight into social media and digital marketing, while also taking on several producer roles for podcasts, live series sessions, events and more. Formerly a Director of US & Canadian Events, she has produced, promoted, and launched events in cities across North America. As a Director of Strategic Partnerships, she has connected brands with creatives, aligning brand recognition with innovative content opportunities.

She is a pop culture junkie and self-proclaimed art nerd, a fur baby mom to the fullest, and couldn’t manage without a good cup of joe. Find her reading blogs, listening to podcasts, crafting the perfect caption, researching the latest trends. Letting Los Angeles shape and hone her next brilliant vision.

Jae Siqueiros

Account Associate

Jae is the coolest kid on the block. He’s a recent graduate from California State University, Chico with a degree in journalism, emphasis in public relations. Jae took the leap from California to start his career with Rebellious PR.

Previously, he was the Social Media Director and an Assistant Account Executive for the student-led public relations agency, Tehama Group Communications. Alongside managing a large team to create engaging social media content, he worked as a writer for the Chico State Journalism and Public Relations bi-annual digital newsletter. Jae also aided in the complete rebrand of a nonprofit organization, touching every aspect from research to design.

Jae leads his life by the queue of his Spotify playlist; every songs serves a purpose. He can be up in the hills of Mt. Hood, hiking to the heart beat drum of Mumford and Sons. Or, he could be river gazing at Cathedral Park to the sweet strum of Tom Misch’s guitar.

Just like Jae’s professional skill set, every skill serves a purpose, making him a fresh perspective to the Rebellious team.

Shraboni Dutta


Shraboni is originally from Delhi, and is a Global Media and Communication graduate from University of Southern California (USC) and London School of Economics (LSE). After grad school, Shraboni hopes to work in the entertainment industry, focusing on the aspect of representation in film and television. This desire to see more representation in media is what lead to her to the Rebellious team, with a shared value for the mission of diversity and disruptive narratives in media for our clients. Shraboni has a passion for visual storytelling, loves literature, and is a cheesy Hindi songs enthusiast.