Rebellious PR is a public relations agency based in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA that amplifies stories of diverse companies with unique expertise and cultural competency.  We are Rebellious because our clients disrupt industries and make their own lanes to create revolutionary work. Rebellious because we are creating a new lane in our own industry.

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Rebellious PR was founded by Evie Smith Hatmaker in early 2016, with the notion that there was a better way to do PR. Our goal is to produce the best work possible by careful client selection and management. Rebellious doesn’t say yes to everyone and that’s by design. We look at our clients as partners, especially in creating their stories and being their arms and legs to the media.

Our team comes to the table with a diverse background to give you raw ideas, fresh insights, and radical perspectives. Our unique and focused experiences results in creative and effective PR strategy and campaigns for each company we work with.

We’re looking for fellow collaborators, freethinkers, and well… rebels. Let’s be Rebellious, together.


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Media Relations in a Pandemic

2020 has been a year. Throughout the highs (were there any?) and lows of this historic and strange time Rebellious PR was able to maintain and grow our client’s presence in the media. One of our strongest attributes as an agency is our ability to story-tell with our pitches. We know news only gets you so far these days. Features build brands. Trend stories square you up with competitors and get you on consumers’ radar as a major player.

After COVID hit and the world shut down we pivoted all media strategies quickly. We needed to tell hopeful stories, delay product launches and be helpful to our friends in the media.  The most important job of any PR team is seeing what is coming, what could go wrong, and how to keep the client relevant and brand-safe in any situation.  

We were able to secure larger trend pieces, thought leadership articles and even some news hits including: CNBC, AdWeek, New York Times, VICE, Bustle, Shape, Vogue, Business Insider, CNET,  and New York Magazine.

Our clients trust us. These are sensitive times and our cultural competency has proven time and time again to be a north star in navigating the uneasy seas of 2020. Our unique ability to understand the complete news cycle and implications for our clients, paired with our ability to pivot and create totally new strategies is what makes us one of the best agencies–full stop.

Lesbians Who Tech

We often work with clients who need multiple skill sets from our team: media, event support, speaking, awards and more. Lesbians Who Tech tapped our team in 2019 to help uplevel their brand.

Lesbians Who Tech is a worldwide organization that hosts amazing summits throughout the year for queer techies. Their conferences are diverse and packed with the energy of people connecting and growing.  Working with an event-based client is a unique balance of research, media relations, and onsite support. Lesbians Who Tech is an established organization who has what they do fine tuned and it was vital for our team to run at their pace.

Along with inviting and securing press for the event, Rebellious worked to secure a Fast Company exclusive to hit the first day of the summit and overall the best media coverage their events has ever received. + National Period Day

Running the Command Center of a Global Movement 

PERIOD is a global youth-run activist organization that is working to end period stigma, overturn the taxes on period products and supply free menstruation products in schools, businesses and prisons. Rebellious signed them leading up to the organization’s first-ever National Period Day.

 Our team quickly became the master and commander of all moving pieces with anything having to do with PR around NPD. We juggled running PR training sessions for hundreds of PERIOD’s chapters, jumping on calls to discuss menstruation research data projects, and being on the set of a celebrity-driven PSA. Our team ran alongside ran in stride with the fast moving pieces, tracking and leading important conversations as well as conducting media relations and securing interest for coverage. 

The results were astounding. National Period Day saw hundreds of articles including Mic, MTV News and Refinery 29, as well as a ton of local press that the chapters were able to secure with our training and templates. 

Tap Systems

Tap Systems approached Rebellious PR a couple months prior to their long awaited product finally shipping. Rebellious was tasked with casting a wide net to get the most traction possible. Tap had previously worked with other PR firms, so Rebellious had to make sure to keep past relationships in tact while creating news ones. Rebellious targeted the tech press and video bloggers.

For the the initial shipping announcement Rebellious worked with The Verge, Slashgear, Digital Trends, Mashable and more to get the word out. Over the next few months reviews ran on CNET, Techcrunch and Macworld as well as on popular YouTube channels like Linus Tech Tips.

Recently Tap was featured in the Wall Street Journal (twice!)

Stern Pinball

Rebellious’ founder, Evie has an almost decade long relationship with Stern Pinball. When Stern joined Rebellious growing client roster in 2015, Rebellious immediately lined up a four video exclusive with the AV Club. In addition to getting Stern great press like the Rolling Stone, IGN and Variety for their launches, Rebellious joins Stern onsite a few times a year for tradshoes like Comic-Con International and CES.

For trade shows Rebellious works closely with Stern on behind the scenes details as well as coordinating onsite press meetings and coverage. People have been talking about the resurgence of pinball for years now, Rebellious ensures those conversations keep happening.


Moonstruck is a comic series created by Lumberjanes original writer, Grace Ellis and published by Image Comics. Grace and her team approached Rebellious to get the word out for their new series Moonstruck, a super cute, magical, queer comic. Rebellious worked to identify the best writers for this series at all the top publications.

Coverage for the first issue included Entertainment Weekly, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Autostraddle and The Mary Sue. In the months that followed Rebellious also secured reviews for the series in Teen Vogue and The AV Club.

Social Nature

Social Nature was Rebellious’ first client. Their CEO, Annalea Krebs wanted to become a regular speaker at industry events like the Natural Products Expo and the Canadian Health Food Association’s conferences. Rebellious worked to create important relationships with conference organizers and were persistent with outreach.

Rebellious was able to build up Annalea’s speaking profile with a series of TV appearances on health food trends. Eventually landing her as a regular panelist and invited speaker at both the EXPO and CHFA events.



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An important thing to note is that we practice emotional accountability with each other and our clients. It’s crucial to us that you are an honest person and a hard worker. 

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